5 Reasons You Should Put Off Extractions

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We see it with many patients: you have been struggling with a problem tooth, and you want nothing more than to just get rid of it. The temptation is strong, but it’s one you should resist: keep a hold of that natural tooth as long as you can. Here’s why.

Nothing Is as Good as Your Natural Teeth

We have developed many exciting technologies for replacing your natural teeth, such as

Dental implants’. These are great advances on older technologies like dentures or dental bridges, but they’re still not as good as your natural teeth. Your natural teeth have the ability to flex and stimulate jawbone development in ways that dental implants can’t match. So we try to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible.

Many Teeth Can Be Saved

And the good news is that most of the time we can actually save your teeth and won’t have to pull it.

If your tooth is loose because of gum disease, we can stabilize the tooth and treat the gum disease to allow the tooth to fully recover. And with an infected tooth, we can perform root canal therapy to eliminate the infection and restore the tooth to full function. A tooth treated with a root canal can last as long as or longer than a dental implant (basically for life), and the success rate for both procedures is about the same.

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