10 Reasons to Brush Your Teeth Sooner

Woman smiling in the mirror while brushing her teeth

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We know that brushing your teeth is probably not your favorite thing to do. You may even be like beauty blogger Lindsay Schallon who does everything she possibly can to postpone it, including her list of 10 things she’d rather do than brush her teeth.


Oral hygiene is vital to good oral (and general) health. If you’re thinking about putting off toothbrushing, here are 10 reasons why you should brush your teeth sooner.

Get Clean Feeling Teeth

Are your teeth feeling fuzzy? Isn’t that kind of gross? Well, there’s a good way to get rid of it: brush your teeth. It’s that easy, and you’ll have great clean feeling teeth. Why keep feeling icky when you can feel clean now?

Help Protect Teeth from Decay

That gunk on your teeth doesn’t just feel gross. It is gross. It’s a bacterial shanty town on your teeth, complete with inadequate sanitation. The longer plaque stays on your teeth, the longer bacteria will keep pooping acid on your teeth, and it’s that acidic poop that causes cavities.

Reduce Risk of Gum Disease

And that bacterial acid poop isn’t just bad for your teeth. It’s bad for your gums, too. In fact, the longer those shanty towns stay on your teeth, the more likely it is that bacteria will set up more permanent dwellings, called tartar, at the gum line, and this can contribute to gum disease. (Actually, tartar is worse than that, it’s actually fossilized dead bacteria that piles up and protects the living bacteria.)

Remove Food Particles from Teeth

Isn’t it the worst when you meet someone and only realize afterward that you had a piece of parsley or broccoli in your teeth? And wasn’t it huge? How did you not notice it? Because you didn’t brush your teeth, that’s how! Brushing your teeth sooner helps get that food out of your mouth before you embarrass yourself.

Avoid Bad Breath

Speaking of embarrassment, there’s not just stuff to see in your mouth after eating, but stuff to smell. Food residue left on your teeth or stuck to your teeth can rot in your mouth and begin to stink. Rotten food breath is always a great way to make a first impression, right? Bacteria can also be the problem because sometimes they have bad gas.

Cut off Snacking

Snacking before bedtime is a no-no. Some research indicates that things you eat before bed are more likely to turn up as fat (and/or cause nightmares), but sometimes it’s so hard to resist. And just a little nibble won’t hurt, right? Or maybe two little nibbles? Three? Anyway, one good way to stop yourself from endless snacking before bedtime is to brush your teeth. Whatever snack you’re considering isn’t nearly as appealing when combined with toothpaste flavor.

Get It Over with

What’s the best way to deal with a task you don’t want to do? Postponing it just means it’s still hanging over your head. Instead, get it over with and you’ll be much happier.

The Sooner You Brush, the Sooner You Can Floss

It’s no secret to us: if there’s one thing you dislike more than brushing, it’s flossing. Well, the sooner toothbrushing is out of the way, the sooner flossing can be, too.

Have a Meditative Moment

Here’s the thing: toothbrushing doesn’t have to be a pleasant chore. It might actually be a good opportunity to practice mindfulness. While you’re occupied brushing your teeth, you can think of the day (or night) before and prepare yourself for the night (or day) ahead. With practice, toothbrushing can become a peaceful time that you’ll actually come to look forward to.

Get to Bed Early

Odds are that you’re not getting enough sleep. And whatever you’re doing instead of brushing your teeth is going to keep you from getting enough sleep. And it’s not worth it. Browsing social media? Sleep is better. Playing Candy Crush? Sleep is better. Bingeing on another episode of your new favorite show? Sleep is (probably) better. Checking work emails? Sleep is way better!

Do yourself a favor: brush your teeth and get to bed earlier. You’ll thank us in the morning.

A Dentist Supports Home Care

We understand if you have a hard time getting your teeth brushed. We’re here to help and advise, not to judge. We don’t even care if you have a fancy electric toothbrush.

If you are looking for a dentist in the Harriman area that can help you maintain good oral health, please call 845-783-6466 today for an appointment at Harriman Family Dental.

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