Why You Should Still Consider Metal Braces

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These days, everyone is promoting metal-free braces like Invisalign. And some of the benefits of this approach do seem attractive. Believe us, we’ve helped many people get straight, beautiful smiles with Invisalign and think it’s the right approach for many people.

But we also think that not enough people realize that metal braces still offer many benefits. You shouldn’t make up your mind to avoid metal braces before you talk to a dentist about your options. Here’s why you shouldn’t count metal braces out yet.

Metal Braces Are Subtler Than Ever

Many people think that clear aligners is the only way to get subtle braces, but that’s not true. New braces can be made to be subtle as well. With white wires and clear plastic brackets, metal braces can be almost as invisible as Invisalign. People are unlikely to notice your braces during conversation, even if you’re talking close.

Metal Braces Are Faster Than Ever

In the past, metal braces almost always took over a year to complete. Sometimes two or three, in fact. But these days, with Six Month Smiles, many people can complete their orthodontic treatment in, you guessed it, six months. Sometimes even less.

So don’t think that aligners are the only way to get your teeth straightened quickly.

Metal Braces Are Better at Some Movements

Every person requires a unique combination of tooth movements to achieve their straight smile. Some motions are very easy for clear aligners to achieve. Other motions can be hard for aligners to achieve, although technology is improving aligners so these are fewer than ever. Those motions can usually be completed faster and easier with metal braces.

This includes functional orthodontics, which attempt to achieve larger-scale changes in your jaw. They can achieve more dramatic changes thanks in part to their robust structure and materials.

Metal Braces Can Be More Predictable

For some of the challenging motions, we can’t always predict how your teeth will respond to aligners. They might move as predicted. Or they might take longer to get into position. When Invisalign was first introduced, it often happened that people needed to extend their treatment beyond the predicted time. As the technology has improved, this happens less often.

But it happens even less often with metal braces. While we have decades of experience with clear aligners, we have centuries of experience with metal braces.

Find the Best Orthodontic Treatment for You

Straightening your teeth is complicated. It’s hard for you to know which orthodontic approach is right for you until you talk to a dentist. So it’s important that you not make up your mind before you have a detailed consultation that includes an exam of your teeth.

If you are looking for the best orthodontic treatment in Orange County, NY, we can help. Please call (845) 783-6466 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Harriman Family Dental in Harriman.

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