The Dental Dangers of Football (And How You Can Avoid Them!)

Football play in stadium

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Temperatures drop, leaves yellow and fall and stadiums start to fill up. With the return of fall comes the return of football. Whether you live for the thrill of tackling that running back or the thrill of watching your favorite player on the big screen, your teeth may not be on the forefront of your mind.

But they should.

Playing Football

With the brutality that this sport involves, it’s no surprise that one of the main pieces of gear professionals swear by is mouth guards. Without a guard, your teeth are incredibly vulnerable. If you are one that likes to toss around the pigskin, your teeth could end up flying further than the football ever could.

Possible injuries could include chipping, breaking, complete loss of one or more teeth or even a broken jaw. While we would never wish an injury upon anyone, your friendly dentists at Harriman Family Dental can help get your smile back after your game winning touchdown. We offer a variety of services including:

  • Bonding for the little chips.
  • Veneers for more serious chips or to get longer-lasting restoration
  • Dental crowns when yourr tooth as suffered structural damage
  • Implants for when you need to replace a tooth.
  • Functional Orthodontics to get your smile aligned just right.

During your consultation, we will evaluate the damage and determine the best solution. In some cases, we can repair the damage right then and there. Other times, we might do a temporary repair right then, with a permanent repair scheduled for later. In some cases, we might have to schedule treatment later.

Watching Football

One of the biggest features of watching a football game is the snacks. Chips and salsa, nachos, and bean dips are just a few of the delicacies you may experience on game day. Unfortunately, these foods can also present problems to your gums and teeth.

Potato chips are high in carbs that feed cavity-causing bacteria and, more worrisomely, they can get lodged in the spaces between teeth and cause decay and other dental problems.Popcorn kernels and tortilla chips can also wear away the enamel that’s protecting your teeth.

Barbeques are another staple of game day. Be careful though, most sauces served with grilled meat are high in acidity, which means that your enamel is in danger. Lemonade is a wonderful and refreshing drink that accompanies hot days by the grill. Unfortunately, citruses are highly acidic, which creates weak spots over time, inviting cavities. Plus both are packed with sugar, which can feed oral bacteria.

Be sure to brush and floss after all of your game day snacking.

How can a dentist help?

You can never underestimate how much your teeth help you, and you will never understand it better than when you lose or chip a tooth. You may find yourself adjusting your eating habits, your sleeping patterns and how you hold yourself in day to day interactions. With the right Harriman dentist, you will always be able to put your best smile forward. Contact us today at (845) 783-6466 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Harriman Family Dental.

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