Problems Big or Small: Veneers Can Do It All

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If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, you might be looking at Invisalign to straighten your teeth, dental bonding to repair chipped teeth, and whitening to brighten your smile. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one procedure that could do it all? Then you wouldn’t have to get a lot of different procedures done.

Good news: there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can do just that. Veneers are the most versatile cosmetic dentistry procedure, and they can correct pretty much any complaints you may have about the appearance of your smile. And here’s the best part: it’s often better than the alternatives.

Repair Chips and Cracks

If you have one or more chipped teeth, dental bonding can repair the damage, but veneers can do it better. Bonding is great for inexpensive, short-term work, but over time the bonding will discolor, and it’s likely to come off the treated tooth within a few years.

If you want a really durable repair for chipped teeth, veneers can do it. They can repair the damaged tooth with a very natural-looking restoration that stays natural, attractive, and in place for ten years or more. The tradeoff is that veneers are more expensive than bonding and require that we remove more of  your natural tooth material.

Close Gaps between Teeth

Have a gap between your front teeth? Many people like the appearance of this kind of tooth gap, but others want to correct them. If you want to correct a tooth gap, you might consider dental bonding or  orthodontics like Six Month Smiles.

But as we mentioned above, veneers are likely to be a better choice here. And they’re better than orthodontics because they can be so much faster. While Six Month Smiles takes about six months, as its name says, veneers can close your tooth gap in a month or less. Plus, it can correct all these other issues at the same time.

The only limitation is that if your natural front teeth are already large, orthodontics might be a better choice because veneers will enlarge these teeth.

Straighten Crooked Teeth

Of course, you might think that orthodontics are the only good way to straighten your teeth. It makes sense, right–the name means straight-tooth. But just as veneers can close a tooth gap, they can straighten your teeth.

Veneers do this by reshaping your teeth so that they are straight like they’re supposed to be (sometimes with the help of dental crowns). This doesn’t always work for every smile, but when it does work, the results can be great. Not only will your teeth be straight, but they’ll look like you want. Unfortunately, some people decide at the end of an orthodontic treatment that they are unhappy with the shape of their teeth, too.

Reshape and Enlarge Teeth

Some people have naturally small teeth. This might be because you have retained baby teeth or because you are genetically predisposed to small teeth. Sometimes it could be related to a problem with tooth formation, like peg laterals, which are small teeth with an unusual shape.

But veneers can build up teeth. If you’re unhappy with the shape or size of your teeth, veneers can make them larger and give them the shape you want.

Brighten Discolored Teeth

Teeth get discolored for many reasons. Stains are the most common, and these respond well to teeth whitening. But other causes of discoloration may not. Defects in the enamel, changes to the tooth caused by medications, or bruising of the tooth (yeah, that’s a thing) won’t respond to whitening.

One Procedure Can Do It All

So, yeah, if you’ve got a lot of cosmetic complaints about your smile, the odds are pretty good that veneers can help. And it can do it all at once.

So, are veneers right for you? Please call [lct_phone] today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Harriman Family Dental.

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