First Time Having Dentures? Here are Things You Need to Know

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First Time Having Dentures? Here are Things You Need to Know

Published on: September 15, 2021

Very nice lady smiling
If you have lost your teeth or had them extracted due to injury or disease, your dentist will probably recommend you get dentures to restore your smile. However, if it is your first time getting full or just partial dentures in Monroe, NY, you would need to put a few things into consideration. It may look hard and uncomfortable in the first few days, but if you really want to get your dream smile, you will be willing to do everything.

We understand it is never easy to undergo dental anxieties as you make use of your dentures. To help you sort things out, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

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Things to Expect When you Get Dentures


Your teeth are essential when you eat. However, when you get dentures, you can’t expect to not feel anything as you eat. To hasten your adjustment period, you will the office may recommend you start with soft foods and gradually switch to your regular diet. If you want to avoid irritation and soreness, you should refrain from taking in too hot or too cold substances.


You might have noticed from other wearing dentures that they have trouble speaking certain words. This is actually normal, especially for first timers. To help you adjust more easily, you can practice by speaking out loud. If your dentures are producing a clicking sound as you speak, this means that your dentist might need to do some adjustment.


Your dentures are custom-made to copy the overall appearance of your teeth. With this, you may expect to have your prosthesis hardly noticeable to make your smile look perfect. Your dentures should be fitted perfectly to be able to perform at most in improving your facial appearance and your smile.

You should always remember that you are getting your dentures to improve your appearance by having a perfect set of teeth.

How Long Will the Dentures Hurt?

On the first few days of your dentures, you may have this feeling of giving up. It might even take a few months for you to get fully accustomed to your new dentures. Some parts of your gums may also end up being sore due to adjustment issues, but nothing can’t be fixed by your dentist.

As your dentures are adjusted, the pain and the soreness that you feel in your mouth will also just fade away gradually.

How Do I Care for My Dentures?

Though it would not be possible to whiten dentures just like your natural teeth, proper cleaning will help prevent stains and remove food and plaque bacteria. Your dentist might also recommend using toothpaste specific for dentures to avoid damaging the material. Even though the plastic material used in your dentures are durable, they are not as strong as the enamel in your teeth.

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